Morrhaven Manor is the name we have given our home on a small acreage. Since the beginning we have tried to make it an adventure playground with
gardens, games and natural areas. Because of the family’s interest in medieval history, we have hosted feasts and festivals, and are now in the process of building a castle. As with many medieval building projects this is a long-term process.

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 The Morrissey coat of arms superimposed on an artists rendition of Morrhaven Castle.

Welcome to our Website! As you will soon see this site is still changing and developing. It is no longer a new website to 'ooh' and 'awe' about, though. We were going to revamp it completely but lots of you want us to leave up the pictures and other info that is already there, so... Over the next while we hope to redo and upgrade some of the site and leave some of the other more interesting pages available for those of you who want to see just how crazy the Morrissey's really are!

Please don't forget that there are a lot of new pictures up for your viewing pleasure. See the slide in 'Photo Site Menu' above for some of the more recent...
 if you can make chainmaille to fit a bear you can make it to fit any-body!

Huntley in Chainmail.

Inside every treasure chest there is a surprise of some sort. With that in mind you will find a treasure chest on sections of the site that are not complete or where hidden treasures may await…

We still have some picture up of Our medieval festivals and castle construction in the scrapbook. To get a little taste of that scrapbook, click here. To enlarge the picture click on it - to return it to normal size click on it again. If you look through all the pictures (not a lot) you will be returned to this page (I hope). So go ahead and take a look, then let us know what you think.

Remember to check back from time to time, to see what we have been able to do with each page.

So, you have been checking to see what we have been up to. Yes, there are a number of changes to the website. The biggest so-far are the pictures that we have uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

You just have to look at these pictures. They were
taken on April 15th, at the first annual,
Morrissey Family Dog-sled Races.

That is not a smile, it is a grimace on Greg's face. He had to use his gloves to prop up the camera...

Picnic at Tuktoyatuk, -31° C...

We now have a complete selection of stories and pictures of our Arctic trip on-line... They can be seen by clicking here, or scrolling back up to the top and using the 'Photo Site Menu' that is at the side of the page.

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 Remember, treasure chests can be full of surprises...

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"hello", feel free to contact us at;

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