Finally a feast in the castle...

In 2003 we managed to have not one but two festivals and feasts. The usual spring fling and a harvest festival and feast in October.

These were the first that were not directly related to “educational” endeavours. It seems that we have more then enough friends, relatives, and acquaintances who wanted to try ‘going medieval’ to make them a roaring success. It was great that so many were able to get together at the same time and participate as well as just help. Of course it was still educational, but no particular institution was involved.

Medieval day on May 10 was such a success that we had to have a second one so that all the people that wanted to come, could. The May 10th event was the first time that we were able to hold the banquet in the unfinished castle.

October 29th started off cold and dreary but by the time people started arriving it had cleared off and the day's activities were a hit. With the much shorter fall days it was a little hard for the archers, in the finals, to see the target. Shooting blind takes on a new meaning.

This was the first time that a lot of people got to try forging something for themselves. Most attemped knives, as they had forgotten to bring their own with them.

Even with a very early and cool night and the only source of light and heat being the candles it was warm and cosy in the great hall of the castle.