Morrhaven Castle

The Castle in the Woods

I designed a workshop studio for myself a few years ago. A big box with room to move large sculptures and other things about, yet still have some storage space, studio workspace and gallery viewing space as well.

Yes, I said "big box" and the closer I got to actually building it the uglier the design looked. Now a big ugly box has lots of inside space which is what I needed but how could I break up that monotonous and disturbing exterior. I tried a number of variations to the exterior finish but I still ended up with ‘the box’.

We had held a few medieval days and my children always wanted a castle to play in so when I asked if they had any ideas about making the ‘building’ more interesting there was no humming or hawing - just,“why don’t you build a castle?” What could I say, I always wanted a castle and I love challenges.

And so it began…

Pictures are coming...

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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