Then and now...


 Painted  by D. Ghirlandaio - 1488
Elinor in costume!

Directly to the right is the most recent portrait that I have had done of myself... hee - hee!

Studying and working towards a degree in History and a diploma in Costume design are taking up most of my time.

Finding a picture, such as the one to the right, (painted by D. Ghirlandaio in 1488), then designing a piece of period clothing from it has always seemed like an exciting puzzle, and one well worth pursuing…

My design work has included both modern clothing, costumes and period clothing from many differant eras. Some of my recent designs meld chaimmail with more formal clothing.

Some of my other interests include; traveling, working with children and youth, and of course, horses and Dogsledding!.

 Horse over-looking the Fraser River.

dancing at a festival

 This chest is full I just can't figure how to open it...

Some of my favourite recent pictures can be found
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Guess what my new favourite sport is?

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