A Medieval Festival at Morrhaven is something to remember.

It may not be an actual time machine but, with limitations, we do try to transport people back into time about seven hundred years. The highlight of the day-long festival always is the evening feast, but lots of other things happen during the day that people find interesting and educational as well as just plain fun.

Whatever your preference learning a medieval dance, learning how to make chainmail or something just as unique, we think you will find something of interest. No one has ever said they were bored or there was not enough to do. Yes you can try everything that is available and maybe even win a prize (best archer often gets a bag of gold) or take something that you have made yourself - possibly a candle or a knife - home with you.

If you enjoy dressing up, pretending, learning as well as eating you are sure to enjoy a Morrhaven Festival...

Musician with Nyckelharpa

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