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August 09 update...

After four years Greg has finally done it. On July 27th. he successfully defended his MA thesis. If you know Greg you will know of his interest in Atlatls, and of course that led to part of his research for his MA paper, which is entitled, " Tools and change: The shift from Atlatl to bow and arrow on the British Columbia Interior Plateau".
More updates will be coming soon! (Like where he finds work)

Greg and his examinersThe paper - all 187 pagesGreg at his defence

Greg graduated from Simon Fraser University (2003), with a degree in Archaeology, and is interested in studying ‘experimental archaeology’.

Some of his research has involved atlatl (spear thrower) construction and their related projectiles - specifically design and engineering of the non-preserved shaft and foreshaft components.
 It didn't feel that cold, but my eyes were freezing shut...

Out for a walk at -50...

His latest exploits saw him spend a few months in Japan, return to Vancouver for a day or two, then move to Inuvik, North West Territories. Quite a switch - from millions of people per square kilometre to millions of square kilometres per person.

Having been on the tundra a number of times in the summer it was quite something to arrive in the north in the middle of winter to find the winter tundra so different.

Some of his Northern experiences have included learning how to dress for the cold, travelling the ice roads to Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk, watching wonderful Northern Lights and getting to know the people of a small town. Snowmobiling and dog-sledding as well as winter camping have been high on the list of fun things that filled the winter months. His Summer has mostly been taken up with work...

He is now working full time with Inuvialuit Environmental & Geotechnical (IEG). This is mostly logistics work but does include some field work and travel by airplane and helicopter as well as boat around the Mackenzie delta.

Some of his other northern work experiences have included such things as; doing childcare,TOCing at the schools, Scout and Venture leader, training and working on the Inuvik Volunteer Fire Department.

Not all of you have fast computers but if you don't mind waiting a little while the pictures on this page are worth seeing.

With the weather - as of September 1st. - already starting to cool off he is looking forward to the long cold winter and its bug-less days.

At the last medieval festival with my new 10,000 ring chainmaille shirt.

A few photos can be found in the chests...

Graduation Pictures Leaving for the north country... Some pictures of the north My favourite truck!

New Pictures October 19th.

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