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My thirty-four year long career as a Kindergarten teacher has been a stabilizing factor in our familyís history. When I began there was only myself and the students to look after and that took all of my energy. Gradually I added other important elements like a husband, a business, a house, a baby, and then the acreage and another baby, building the house and completing a Masterís degree. I think I have been sleep deprived much of the time!

Now I am retired and enjoying retirement thoroughly. I have been able to do more volunteer work, and am finding that I can focus more intently on whatever I am doing, without feeling that I am being pulled in too many directions at once.

I am keeping busy with community work, church work, family activities and the occasional day of substitute teaching.

Recent pieces about various interests that I have written include:
Healing Touch
Early Numeracy
World Day of Prayer

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