The menus for our feasts are adapted from information on historical feasts. Many of these had much more elaborate menus and included many more items. It seems likely, however, that guests would not have been able to eat some of everything.

Our menus are prepared so that everyone can try everything. Instead of being based on serving whatever was currently available, and including mostly meat, poultry and fish, our menus have been designed to use more vegetables, and to showcase some of the variety that was available in medieval Britain. Each course includes a meat item, with a sauce, a vegetable, a savoury pastry, an imported item, and a sweet. All are served with bread, the staple food of the time.

A platter ready for the table.

Here is a menu from a previous Banquet.

Course one

Steamed Salmon
Wine Sauce for Salmon
Boiled Carrots
Sausage Rolls
Chick Pea Spread

Course Two

Roasted Chicken
Green Sauce for Chicken
Roasted Onions
Candied Spiced Pears


Marshmallow Castle

Course Three

Roast Beef
Cameline sauce
Steamed Cabbage
Chicken Giblet Stew
Mushroom Pastries
Cherry Tarts

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