Samon roste in Sauce. Take a Salmond & cut him rounde, chyne & all, and roste the peces on a gredire; And take wyne, and pouder of Canell, and drawe it thorgh a streynour; And take smale myced oynons, & caste there-to, and lete hem boyle; And then take vynegre, or vergeous, and pouder ginger, & cast there-to; And then ley the samon in a dish, and cast the sirop theron al hote, & seue it forth. - Salmon recipe - 15th century

Recipes from the feasts

We try to find original recipes like the one above and adapt them as best we can to todays foods. Her are a couple of recipes that have been 'translated' for our use.


Boil about 275 g. kibbled wheat or bulgur in about 1 l. water until it softens (about 15 min). Remove it from the heat and leave it to stand for another 15 min. or until almost all the water is absorbed. Add about 150 ml meat stock or milk (depending on whether you will use the frumenty alone as a basic porridge or whether it will be a side dish for meat. Bring it to a boil and stir over low heat for a few minutes longer. Add salt if desired.

Stewed Spiced Pears

Peel and core Anjou pears and cut into quarters.
Cook in a small amount of water until soft.
Add sugar to taste.
Add spices - cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.


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